Trey Parker!

This co-creator of South Park has been balding for quite some time. It seems he has not and will not accept this fact about himself. Now, more than ever, he is clinging onto what little he has left up top. Trey, it is time to let it go. For all our sakes.

Here he is in 2007:

Peter Orszag

Thanks to reader Billy M. for this one. Peter Orszag is Obama's director of the Office of Management and Budget. Perhaps he should learn to leave work at work. If you are going to invest in a toupee, especially if you are in the public eye, you should not limit your budget. Or else you end up looking like this guy:

John Wayne!

I had always heard rumors that Marion "John" Wayne wore a rug but I could never find pictures of him without it. So thanks to reader Marques J. for these:

Rapper Pitbull!

Thanks to reader Nick V. for this submission. I almost missed this in my email because the title read "Pitbull" and I assumed it was spam. An ad telling me how to be a pitbull in bed or how to breed pitbulls for money. Luckily my curiosity got the best of me and I opened it up to find this gem.

First off, if you are going to call yourself "Pitbull" you better look like Mike Tyson or The Rock. You better scare me on site. This guy, not so much:

He tries to shave his head but unlike Vin Diesel, he gets lazy about it and Pitbull's real hairline is not so hard to track down: