Matthew McConaughey (yet again)!

Thanks to reader Raymond S. for this submission.

Our first post on Matthew McConaughey was almost a year ago. And while our blog has grown and changed in the last year, Matthew has not. Although one thing has changed: he is definitely having a tougher time hiding the fact that he is balding faster than his career is tanking. Here he is in his most recent film, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past:


Look at that nice head of hair! So thick! Such an even front hair line! Now check out this picture of him from earlier this month:

I rest my case.

Tom Green!

Thanks to reader Lafonny for this one. Remember this guy? I've been trying to forget him for years. He made millions off of annoying the crap out of people. And somehow in the process he dated Drew Barrymore. For years he thought he would distract us from his hairline with facial hair and comb-forwards. But now the hair on top is too thin to hide and since everyone realized he is not funny, we can no longer be distracted by facial hair or silly antics.

Here he is more recently:

Rob Schneider!

Thanks to faithful reader Marques J. for reminding me of Rob Schneider. I have been looking into him for awhile, but to be honest, I just forget about him. Occasionally I'll catch one of his movies on tv and think to myself "I need to do an entry on Rob" but then I fall asleep or change the channel and block Rob and his movies out of my head. But his hair piece is too good not to write about.

You can see a few years back that Rob clearly was balding. The front was receding:

Rob began to notice too, because all of a sudden he began pushing his hair forward to hide the balding. But the top was too thin for him to get away with this:

And then all of a sudden - boom! - Rob had a nice, full head of hair. Thick in the front, growing strong:

Even a new head of hair can't make this guy funny or relevant.

Paul McCartney!


Thanks to reader Sub Stantially for this one. Sub asks "hair helmet"? I think Sub is onto something. Paul McCartney likes the younger ladies, so I'm sure he takes measures to keep himself looking and feeling young. Although, as you can see from the pictures below, he just looks like an old man with a young woman's haircut.


Noah Wyle!

Awww remember Dr. John Carter on E.R.? Played by Mr. Noah Wyle. I guess it is stressful being a doctor - whether real or for television.

Noah spent many years hiding his receding hairline, but at this point it is too far gone to completely hide. Below you can see if you take a quick look, you won't notice anything. But if you give it a few seconds you can see the hair receding on the front sides.

And here's his real hairline:

Bing Crosby!

He has not one, not two, but three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, not a single one is for his toupees. His toupees have yet to win any awards, although they should. I nominate them for most obvious.

Here he is without his hair piece: