Nick Hogan!

Thanks to faithful reader Marques J. for this one. Marques writes: Like his legendary father the Hulkster, Nick too likes to run wild. And like his father Hulk, Nick's hairline and his hairs are also running wild! Running like wild away from him.

John Travolta!

Thanks to reader Jfrk for this find:

From US Weekly:

John Travolta was photographed with a receding hair line last week in Beverly Hills.

Magically two days later, the actor, 56, sported much fuller locks at a Church of Scientology Celebrity Gala on Sunday. The UK Mail Online speculates he may be wearing a weave.

Travolta has reason to want to look younger. His wife, Kelly Preston, 47, announced earlier this year that she's expecting their third child.

Tony Curtis!

Tony Curtis is finally getting rid of all those horrible, horrible toupees and letting his head breathe!